Imaging tools

  • Titan Krios 300kV cryo TEM equipped with energy filter, STEM, K2 and Falcon3EC detectors and Volta phase plate
  • Arctica 200kV cryo TEM equipped with Falcon3EC detector and Volta phase plate
  • T12 Icorr 120kV TEM for teaching, screening and correlative light and EM
  • Corrsight cryo confocal and spinning disk

Sample prep

  • Dual E-beam, carbon coaters and low-angle shadowing
  • Vitrobot for making cryo grids purified samples
  • Cryosectioning of cells
  • Apex2 and miniSOG labeling

Biochemistry lab, protein expression and purification, cell culture

Computing and image processing

  • Single particle analysis
  • Electron tomography and subtomogram averaging
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